Welcome to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, where we blend the best of the tropics into every sip. Our menu is bursting with fresh and flavorful smoothies, made with real fruits, veggies, and superfoods to give you that sunny, tropical feeling. Whether you’re craving a classic Strawberry Banana or a refreshing Island Green, we’ve got the perfect blend for you. And don’t forget to pair your smoothie with one of our delicious wraps, sandwiches, or bowls for a complete tropical experience. Visit us today and transport your taste buds to a paradise of flavors at Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

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- 1. Free smoothie with purchase 2. Buy one get one free smoothie 3. 20% off any smoothie or food item

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- "Free smoothie, 50% off any menu item, complimentary add-on, discount on catering order."

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe Reviews

When I click on menu, it says "For a better experience turn on device location, which uses Google's location service. " I click No thanks, and the prompt just pops back up. Please fix that. If I'm not ready to order then I'm not ready, I just want to view the menu. When I am ready to order, I already have stores selected as favorites, I don't need to find a store. Other than that, the app is fine. I like the updates on points added, being able to favorite orders, and the UI is good.

Usable, but has a very annoying system for locations that is nearly impossible to use without turning on location sharing. It will send TWO requests to turn on GPS every SECOND. I have to hit "no thanks" twice and then have less than a second to try to select my fav store (difficult) or search for one (impossible). It's also weird it only asks for the store after you select a menu option, not before, and it never remembers the store you last ordered from.

The doubling of the point values was not really an enjoyable change. Not being able to use our points makes the punch hurt worse. Ive tried about 20 combinations but "Your selected reward is not valid for order." This used to be a good app, now theres a whole lot of bugs and instability out of nowhere and your points are currently all useless

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