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To redeem a coupon on, select desired flights or hotels, enter coupon code during checkout, and apply for discount before making payment. Book Flights, Hotels Coupon Reviews

BAIT AND SWITCH Disappointed. App shows a tremendous deal on an upcoming flight that I want to book. Via the airline's website, the cost is about $900. Trip's cost was closer to $500. Same flights/same days. Great deal, right!? As I'm trying to book it, a pop-up message appears "Sorry. This flight just sold out." Attempted to book another flight to a different location... EXACTLY the same pop-up. Bait and switch. Sketchy. Do not recommend!

Imo, the main metrics of quality of a travel app are cost and the simplicity of getting returns. The cost differs on destinations, so I won't say much. The return policy is weird. They are honest when you did everything right, but the interface is so ambiguous that you are likely to commit some error while attempting to. And then they'll blame their app's fault on you and not fix the issue. I lost 660 USD this way.

I have almost never left a review comment but that absolutely terrible experience needs to be recorded. I purchased a roundtrip ticket via Trip, was only issued the return ticket and the initial leg of the trip was cancelled. How does a company only issue one part of the tricket? As it took me days to find this out (I had to contact them) I needed to cancel my whole trip as there are now no other flights available. They also will not refund the return leg. I will never be using this app again.

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