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HNoteQPO887December 10, 2023
n8oX5pim0Y494December 25, 2023
iRvY7SPFx361December 1, 2023
R8NgzhH3nDi955January 3, 2024
nuCz8J4OLc1000December 27, 2023

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Not only is there an ad after every level, passed or not but you need 100 stars to build 1 area. That's 100 levels. And building is how we get power ups. This game is fun but that makes it not as much.Edit* I've been stuck on a level for almost 3 days,can't get the help power ups bc idh 100 stars. Can't get more unless I pay or beat levels. I don't like this game anymore

Ugh, right around the 1680 level I started getting hit with an ad after every level even though I watch ads for more moves or extra boosters. Not cool. I may be uninstalling soon. Also, when I get my boosters built up, the very next game is next to impossible to win with the given moves. Again, not cool. I enjoy a challenge, but it gets frustrating and no longer fun to play the game when it takes too long to win a level.

I like this game. I can play for extended time. However, it's glitchy. It sometimes doesn't give power-ups on qualifying matches and freezes. Usually closing app and restarting fixes it. This time no go. Rebooting phone -> nope. Not even going to play store and launching from there. There's no update, so not much fun to be had. Thus: three stars.

Ads on every game, freezes, graphics messed up. Used to be favorite but hate it with ads after every game. That uses up time from "free play" and unlimited boosters. Also, when opening game, it freezes every time. Have to go close it and reopen 4-5 times before it will unfreeze. Lastly, the graphic boxes that show contests such as the fastest boat or airship only show as a big blue box. Fix these things and you've got a great game.

This used to be one of my favorite games. I would play it for hours on end. Now they have added so many ads that it is no longer enjoyable. I like to listen to audiobooks while I play games, but these ads hijack my audio so I have to restart the book after every ad. With an ad after every single game, it's too much. I am uninstalling...

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