Introducing the Toy Gun Blaster- Shooter Squad, an ultimate game-changing addition to your child’s playtime arsenal. With its realistic looking design and shooting action, this blaster promises hours of fun-filled adventure for kids of all ages. The Shooter Squad set comes complete with multiple blasters, creating an exciting multiplayer experience. Whether indoors or outdoors, kids can engage in thrilling battles, enhancing their teamwork and strategic thinking skills. Let the Toy Gun Blaster- Shooter Squad ignite imaginations and create unforgettable memories for your little adventurers. Get ready to join the squad and embrace the endless fun!

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Toy Gun Blaster- Shooter Squad

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Toy Gun Blaster- Shooter Squad Review

Literally too many ads. I do say it be cool if you could develop a way to invite friends to your own world. Also having the player earn coins to both edit their world how ever they like or buy and upgrade guns so when it comes to it you all can play blaster battles in your world just by signaling them a game is starting in your world. Plus instead of having ads in game, make it to where it's possible to go to YouTube. You got enough ads . During game is very lame. Plus the dpi needs adjusting

Omg sooo many ads and it suppose to be a online game plus the controls are sooo bad I can't even shoot and trun I'm downloading frag instead

I couldn't even get a single kill because of the bad graphics this game is trash

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