Welcome to Town Survivor – Zombie Haunt, an adrenaline-pumping game that will test your survival skills in a post-apocalyptic town infested with hordes of zombies. Fight, scavenge, and strategize your way through the chaos as you navigate the haunted streets and buildings. Will you be able to outsmart the zombies and make it out alive? Gather your friends, form alliances, and prepare for a heart-pounding adventure like no other. Are you ready to face the challenge and become the ultimate town survivor?

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- 100 wood, 50 iron ore, 20 gold coins, 10 gems, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 1 legendary weapon, 1 set of enchanted armor.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 100, 50, $500, 10, 200 wood, shotgun, medical kit, food.

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Town Survivor – Zombie Haunt Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
KfC0G2is509October 9, 2023
SfcYvEBVqN732November 12, 2023
5G2Z0b1q6807September 27, 2023
zGK8xDBXsw2456October 2, 2023
m6rhVqo1Fn824November 18, 2023

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Town Survivor – Zombie Haunt Tier List

I hit a wall at level 9. I am always the constant target of the big bad zombie, and can no longer clear levels. I usually get wiped out in the last minite or so. At this point, the "logical" thing is to spend money to get gems to level up - since you only get one or two for dying. And those gems get you RNG on upgrades - so you will be spending a lot for very little in actual upgrades. Its a bit rough. Game is fine, but the wall is really REALLY abrupt. And now I cant even go backwards.

Enjoying it a lot so far. It's not much different from other similar games, except grinding is necessary to survive and progress levels. It has a layout similar to survivor.io. If you're familiar with this type of game and you keep up with upgrades, you won't have problems playing or passing levels. Would also like to point out it's important to read what the weapons and objects do. Some of them are made to combat certain enemies.

Worst version of this kinda tower defense. By the fourth level, the zombie reaches rank 11, and one shots your door around the 1 minute left mark. Unless you waste your money on this, you aren't going to have any sort of fun. I'm not even going to talk in depth about how this is more of an ad watching sim than a tower defense, but they really shove them at you.

can't choose your character doesn't even appear to be an unlock option, in-game upgrades (token per second, guns, etc) cost WAY too many tokens in relation to slowly the tokens generated-- even with the upgrade. have played other game in this style which is why i gravitated to it, but I think some research needs to be done on some of the original games in style in order to improve it.

I have reached a wall. Level 10, all my allies die to quickly and the boss will not stop banging down my door! He also levels up way too fast! I have also experienced an issue that the armory will not load up in the main menu when I first started the game. When I got the flack, I couldn't equip it and the item was lost. I couldn't get the Flack except by shop chest which was really strange and I got stuck without it for several levels.

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Town Survivor – Zombie Haunt Wiki

Survive in the zombieverse, fight against zombies and ghosts to save the town! 1. Added 【Super Boss】, who can survive in the end?
2. 【5 new maps】 have been added, go and check it out!
3. Fixed some problems and improved player experience

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