Tough Man is an adrenaline-fueled competition that brings together the toughest individuals from all walks of life. Participants face grueling challenges that test their physical strength, mental toughness, and endurance. From intense obstacle courses to powerlifting and combat sports, Tough Man pushes participants to their limits and beyond. It’s not just a display of physical prowess, but also a showcase of determination, resilience, and sheer will. Only the strongest, both physically and mentally, can claim the title of Tough Man. It’s a true test of character that inspires and captivates audiences worldwide.

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uyWXa1D5750November 24, 2023
7fBzNDXFY9517December 17, 2023
Q7gSmdnve493January 9, 2024
cMKGwNx0yST861November 28, 2023
4uTlE5DOC1668December 17, 2023

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It was pretty fun, but the fact you can't upgrade and there is basically nothing to the game, it gets three stars. It was way to easy, I basically always hit the blue spot. I like it that your character becomes stronger and then become a cool creature. But overall there are to many ads, to easy, and you get bored after about 10 minutes. At the most for younger kids, a day or less.

meh, its alright I guess, I mean once you get to a certain level it does start to take an absurd amount of time to level up, and I did get way to many ads, like sometimes I would get three ads all in one ad break and I wouldn't be able to skip so I'd just be sitting there for like 2 mins waiting to start playing again, kind of a waste of time in my opinion

Its pretty fun but sometimes when you hold on the screen when youre on a low level it goes pretty slow, other than that I really like this game and itnis perfect for when youre phone isnt paid and you have no wifi you could just get onto your phone or whatever youre playing on andnjust play it on like a long drive or something.

The game is good and easy to play. I was having fun when playing the game. But there's one thing that I don't appreciate when playing the game. SCAMMING!!!. Yes this game just scammed me. There was a message popped while playing the game that tells me that I can get 100,000 coins for 0.99$ and that sounds like a good deal. But unfortunately, when I paid them, I didn't recieve any coins. So watch out people, this game scams you.

Once i opened the game my phone started lagging. Now dont get me wrong i sometimes get random lag spikes but this one was different. It nearly crashed my whole phone.Luckly i closed it out before that happend. Its toke 5 minutes to delete it from my memory. So Unless you want a GIANT lag spike that never goes away until you delete the app. DO NOT IM WARNING YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

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I vow to be the strongest man in the universe! Update SDK !!!

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