Toonsters: Crossing Worlds is an exciting new mobile game that brings together all your favorite cartoon characters from different dimensions. Join Bugs Bunny, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Pikachu as they team up to battle evil and save the multiverse! Explore vibrant and colorful worlds, complete challenging quests, and unlock special abilities for each character. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Toonsters: Crossing Worlds offers endless fun for cartoon lovers of all ages. Download now and immerse yourself in this epic animated adventure!

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This is really one of the best games in terms of monster catching + open world. Definitely recommend. Developers have really outdone themselves! Love game. There are multiple large maps with different fun puzzles and aspects, many different monsters, a lot of cosmetics, and a rewarding progression system. However there are small bugs, such as not being able to catch monsters in Flower Meadow and Haunted Marshes, and the trade not working. Other than that game is addicting

Its really fun! It a good free pokemon like game. And the game makes me pull out my phone and play this. One problem tho. The adds. Everything when you try to evolve or get stuff ads appear. And adds also appear out of new where. Fund game but I really want this problem to be fixed 😫

I love it it is a great game you can explore new world's catch toonsters evolve them and use your toonsters to fight ithor toonsters i love it 😀 but there are these shiny balls that you collect when you finish a quest but you only get one after each quest and i think you should get 3 or 4 you can get cool thing with them to and also you can pay money to get new way better toonsters and they are very expensive for just one toonster so i don't like that but it is great ads not a problem either

To be honest I'm actually surprised to see myself having fun on a mobile game, the ads are fine, some glitches here and there, and as a long time player of your other games like this (don't ask) it improved a lot. Although this game is not ground breaking, it's fun if you just like playing games casually

Great game in my opinion, when you reach the hub it is very laggy... Feels like a cheaper and watered down version of pokèmon........ These guys seriously need to rename those toonsters, the names are very very childish and doesn't make any sense

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Travel into the world and catch many monsters! Bug fixes

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