Tokopedia is a leading e-commerce platform in Indonesia, connecting millions of buyers and sellers nationwide. With a wide range of products available, including electronics, fashion, home essentials, and more, Tokopedia offers a convenient shopping experience for all. The platform also offers safe and secure payment options, ensuring a seamless transaction process. Additionally, Tokopedia provides various promotions and discounts regularly, making it even more affordable for customers to shop. With its user-friendly interface and reliable customer service, Tokopedia is the go-to platform for online shopping in Indonesia.

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Absolutely the worst e-commerce app I ever encountered. Just to make a simple order you have to jump through a bunch of unnecessary steps. It is impossible to pay with intl credit card and nearly impossible to pay with an Indonesian one. It has gotten worse with time. If you change your phone number - there's no way to spend or withdraw the remaining balance. Tokopedia help is run by a completely useless bot and they just randomly mark orders as fulfilled so no way to contest issues.

I used Tokopedia for more than 5 years and I decided to drop the rate from 5 to 3 stars because since the last update I can't see the weight of my purchasing stuff, not like before update, it makes me have to guess. It means a lot to me because i'm live in countryside. Please add again the weight for every stuff in the delivery page. Sorry about that, and I hope it can be fixed. Thank you.

Kurirnya tidak pernah pickup. Puh!! what i dont like most is its customer service response. it puts robot to answer my problem. 2. price shown may not the real price as sellers put the lowest price to attracts your attention, but when you click buy, sellers doesnt accept, but seller sends you WA instead. 3. too many ads makes the sort menu on price has no function. 4. Ive experienced scam from toped, 5. when you need help their CS will reply you in 6 hrs. Its one of the worse market place.

Few latest update make the apps very slow in response to user input. Don't put in trouble by having to reach you in other way. Just do the jobs, your UX sucks on some latest update. Click here or there, and you will have to wait a few seconds until the apps response, no matter how fast your internet speed are. And don't tell me to restart my device, I done that, and it keep renspone in slow.

Another update arrives and now the tricky part is on Transaction Page. Slippery page... Be mindful and becareful on all the tick boxes. Otherwise, you will be charged with as many as features they have. Some of them you might not need such as proctection fee for buying a cheap tshirt. Also be mindful when refresh page, items that have been thouroughly searched in the cart can be washed away, better firstly saved them in wishlist before going to cart.

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