Time warp scan is a popular feature available on many social media platforms, allowing users to create funny and entertaining videos with time-warping effects. By using this feature, users can distort their facial features and create hilarious clips by stretching or squeezing their faces in various ways. This has become a trendy method for creating engaging and humorous content that is widely shared and enjoyed by social media users. The time warp scan feature has proven to be a hit among people of all ages, thanks to its endless potential for creativity and amusement.

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Terrible, every time I click there is an ad. As well as after I gave permission to use my camera and mic but when I try to play it asks for permission from settings yet I already gave permission. DEFINITELY DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!

This was horrible. I do NOT reccomend. Every time I clicked on anything even back there was and ad. If I could this rating would be a 0. Never get this. Hate it so much I took the time out of my day to help you NOT get it.😡🤬🖕

not so good, lagging so much and stops after clicking option i should really rate it a 0 out of 10 because of so much ad raising after one little experience and also needs to be inproved very much ,i do not recommend this dumb game

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