Time Surfer – you can enjoy surfing, moreover, within the Galaxy, believe me, everything is so unusual that emotions absorb with your head.

This hero is the last hope of the universe, so you need to deceive not only time, but also death, believe me, adrenaline will go off scale, it is important to control everything that happens. You will appreciate the stylish design and musical accompaniment, visually the authors have worked out every detail, the gameplay is unique, the controls are extremely simple, even uncompromising. It is rational to complete the proposed missions, unlock new assistants, and support their vital functions.

Active Time Surfer VIP Codes

P39Juaxxxxx Get

- Gold x7395K, Gems x814, Coins x29863

CQH1VOxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x729, Money x26753, Resources x8372K

Time Surfer – a bright and funny adventure Codes

List of Time Surfer – a bright and funny adventure Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
X6clSi9GqOFApril 25, 2023533
uH4Ske1UqTOtApril 13, 2023117
mHUnuqNeCQMarch 18, 2023233
Em0ogjIFO6cApril 4, 2023788
JRla4WyFb8kMay 6, 2023401

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Catchy music, good graphics and gameplay. A fun yet challenging game. No ads, rare for a free game. Lots of unlockable characters and outfits. For some reason it's not giving me Google play achievements. I have qualified for at least 2 and not received them. Overall a good game and fun time killer. Doesn't use up much memory or take up much storage space.

Really fun game! No ads, tons of stuff to unlock and all with amazing music; would recommend. There are a couple if small complaints I have - Firstly, sometimes you end up getting stuck in a loop of rewinding time and dying again in situations that are very difficult to get out of. Secondly, pets shouldn't be auto selected after they've been unlocked, since if you're doing multiple runs it's easy to forget that it does so, which can lead to wasting your cake unfortunately.

Overall a good game. Doesn't shove ads down your throat. But there is one design issue that really bothers me: landing a perfect curve just to get smashed against an asteroid or alien (or spike wall) is NOT fun. Even with time rewind! It's just a huge disappointment. Sometimes, even when you rewind time to try not to land such a doomed perfect curve (!!!) you have no other option but to crash and die. Which feels utterly unfair! If not for that one flaw, the game would be great.

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The end of the universe is after you... Cheat death by rewinding time! Bug fixes.

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