The Ticket JUNAEB is a valuable benefit provided to students in Chile to assist with the costs of transportation to and from school. This subsidy supports access to education for students from lower-income families, helping to ensure that they can attend school regularly and without financial strain. The Ticket JUNAEB program promotes equal opportunities for education and aims to reduce barriers to learning. By providing financial support for transportation, it encourages students to focus on their studies and attendance, ultimately contributing to their academic success and future prospects.

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CODEExpiration Date
TPWVJ7ANMarch 11, 2024
85EW13VONIMarch 24, 2024
U6REY9P4MApril 1, 2024
7E5TWRVAJ1GApril 25, 2024
91LESAUK4TMarch 22, 2024
CO5UN1IRMarch 12, 2024
GC485TRMS1April 7, 2024
518A9CLBUApril 6, 2024

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Es terribleee, se cae a cada rato y en los momentos más necesario, es pésima

Solamente fallas web externo los demás están bien

La acabo de volver a instalar porque me dice que esta desactualizada y aun así me sigue saliendo lo mismo. Y no me deja ocupar la app o ignorar el mensaje de que esta desactualizada

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