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The Wolf, symbolizing power, freedom, and instinct, holds a captivating allure. This apex predator, renowned for its strength, intelligence, and loyalty to pack mates, has fascinated humans for centuries. The elusive nature of the wolf adds to its mystique, making it a popular subject in art, literature, and mythology. Many cultures view the wolf as a spiritual symbol, representing a balance between the wild and the domestic. Studying wolves helps us understand the intricacies of nature and appreciate the beauty of these majestic creatures.

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- 10 gold, 5 rubies, 2 diamonds, 1 enchanted sword, 3 potions of healing, 2000 coins, 4 sacks of gems, 50 iron ore, 1 magic amulet

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- 500 gold, 10 gems, $1000, 50 diamonds, 2000 resources, powerful sword, healing potion, mystic amulet.

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The Wolf Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
vJLiFt5h534November 11, 2023
QJyIdursn4859November 19, 2023
T4jq9Ufvb610November 17, 2023
E04zvj9hWud368October 1, 2023
SkG2ywq5Y7670November 3, 2023

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The Wolf Tier List

It's a really fun game. I only have 2 problems. 1 the controls to look around on a phone are kinda weird. 2 when I try to watch videos to get extra stuff it plays the video but once it's done it turns into a black screen so I have to exit the game and reopen it and I don't even get the rewards. Other than that it's really fun. You can run around and hunt animals and make friends too.

I started playing 2-3 years ago, I really liked the game and still like it. This is one of my favorite wolf related games. What I liked most about the game were the skills, the skins, the new items, and the graphics. Nothing has ever crashed, it happened that it lags (Just when a lot of players attack a large animal or when there are a lot of skills in action), but very rarely. The game is very interesting, thank you for this game🐺❤️.(If I wrote something wrong, I'm sorry, I used a translator)

So far, nothing really negative to say. I know most games start slow with limited functions. I am a patient player. It lacks any kind of plot/backstory but then again, these are just wolves out in the wild tryna survive -- not much to tell lol. Graphics leave something to be desired but for a 3D open map MMO meant for mobile, it's not too bad at all. Look forward to seeing how the game progresses.

It's an open online game, other players join at Times, your a wolf that levels up while hunting other animals in the great outdoors. In the beginning first levels, watch out for more bigger animals, you need to get stronger over time, and there's plenty of wild life, just run around you'll find them haha, they may find You too. Plus there's bonus features, and coin collecting completing goals to buy in game offense defense levels etc. Try it out! Have fun.

I played this game when it first came out. For years actually. Redownloading it and seeing all these cool features made me wish I never deleted it!! I can't wait to be as far as I once was. 5 stars well deserved! The maps are bigg and beautiful, I wish the graphics were a tad crisper but great graphics nonetheless!! Fun and relaxing. I love the sound of the waterfalls too!

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The Wolf Wiki

The Wolf - Online RPG Simulator. Become the real wolf and conquer the realm! - Face new animals and travel through unique landscapes on the new Fugaku Slopes map!
- Stronger opponents with elemental resistances and new skills!
- Rewards for sharing animals and champions on the new map!
- Epic and Legendary items are now visible on the map!
- Improved visibility of item bags and their particles!
- New player rank - Great Legend!
- Bug fixes and minor improvements.

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