Mills, also known as Nine Men’s Morris, is a strategic board game dating back to ancient times. The game is played by two opponents who take turns placing their pieces on a grid of intersecting lines. The goal is to form mills – lines of three pieces – in order to capture the opponent’s pieces. Once a player is down to two pieces, they can move to any empty spot on the board. The game requires careful planning, tactical thinking, and foresight. Mills has been enjoyed by people all over the world and continues to be a popular pastime.

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Mills | Nine Men’s Morris

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Mills | Nine Men’s Morris Review

Game is Nine Men's Morris. However the app crashes on the hardest difficulty sometimes. in certain cases the AI gets stuck thinking about optimal moves but can't choose which one to try. So it uses all processing power to lock up the phone until Android determines the app is not responding. Playing on medium AI doesn't have this problem since the AI is allowed to make mistakes.

I know the rules of this game and the computer doesn't abide by them. Two rules it constantly breaks are the no jumping over other pieces and the follow the lines rule. The computer has constantly jumped over my piece so it can get 3 in a row and it has jumped from one corner to another so it could get 3 in a row. The computer can break these rules but I can't. This game may be free but its not even worth being paid to download it.

nothing happens after a win or draw. Total games played, won and lost remains 0 even after a couple of times praying. Player details resets after a couple of games. Offline mode also needs online to load game.

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