THE WAR – Black Stone is an intense and gripping novel that follows the journey of a young soldier navigating the brutal realities of war. Set against the backdrop of a conflict-ridden landscape, the protagonist’s struggle for survival and moral dilemmas are powerfully portrayed. The novel delves into the psychological and emotional toll of war, exploring themes of loss, courage, and resilience. With vivid storytelling and raw emotion, THE WAR – Black Stone is a compelling exploration of the human experience in the midst of turmoil, making it a captivating and thought-provoking read.

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- 1. 100 gold coins, 50 gems, and 10 magical potions. 2. 200 silver coins, 30 diamonds, and 15 healing elixirs. 3. 150 platinum coins, 40 rubies, and 20 energy drinks.

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- 1. 100 Gold Coins 2. 50 Magic Potions 3. 200 Silver Ingots 4. 25 Legendary Weapons

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THE WAR – Black Stone

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THE WAR – Black Stone Review

Fix your game its says "there is a new version detected", and it lead me here on playstore but there are no further updates plssss fix it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game is GREAT! So this is a REAL 4X-RTS game with balanced gameplay and great graphics! (The microtransacts are affordable but is playable even without) What I like here is 1.) Session-Based Gameplay 2.) Fair logistics and reso generation 3.) Unit Movement is free and independent from hero units 3.) YOU CAN PUSH OTHER PLAYER UNITS OFF THEIR CAPTURED EMPTY PLOT AND STEAL IT 4.) You have to split your troops on flanks and indirect fire to ensure attack success, not just brainless pushing lol

Some of the UI still has untranslated parts and the parts that are translated are about below average, with some of the text not fitting the screen, overall, I am enjoying this game

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