The Wanderer-Project Survival is an immersive documentary series that takes viewers on a gripping journey through some of the world’s most challenging and remote landscapes. Follow a group of adventurers as they push their physical and mental limits to survive in extreme conditions. From treacherous mountains to dense jungles, they battle the elements, confront wildlife, and face their own fears. With breathtaking cinematography, compelling storytelling, and survival skills showcased, this series will captivate and inspire audiences to appreciate the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty of our planet.

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I fell in love with this game a few months ago and played it nonstop. it's a perfect phone game, I like being able to choose where my character's skill points go and that the map is fairly large. I got a new phone and lost my progress, so I didn't play for awhile. finally picked it up again and I'm as invested as I was on day 1, especially now that I know what I'll need further into the game. overall, I definitely recommend!!

It's a simple yet very fun game, I haven't come into many bugs or problems even if it can get hard when you lose stuff it's still satisfying to play, I will say I'd like the "watch ad for blank" to be better cuz I'll click it and it doesn't play an ad even if it shows me the ad it doesn't count it because it's not a video so that sucks but otherwise it's amazing to play ❤️🤙🤙

I LOVE this game. It's a mini Fallout type game. I cannot find anything negative about it. I am not bombarded with ads or pop-ups that interrupt game play, and it seems that they allow endless "watch an ad"s to complete tasks etc. The game play is abbreviated but so fun. I'm level 30 something and I can't get enough. This is the kind of game I will spend real money on because I enjoy it so much and I want to support the developers. Thank you!!!

Very fun game, just wish the ads on the top of the screen didnt cover part of my ui Edit: you kno what nvm. It actually has a screen adjustment setting to fix the advert problem. 10/10 i appreciate u. Plus if anyone's wondering, aside from the mini adverts on the top of the screen, all ads seem to be voluntary to get diff bonus rewards, not mandatory in loading screens, etc. I haven't seen any ads so far that i didnt want to see.

Used to be a lot of fun but recent changes have made this game pretty much unplayable. It is incredibly difficult to level up so you lose all of the fights you get into and be forced back to camp so forward progress moves at a frustratingly slow pace. On top of that I have to enter my cookie preferences almost every time I want to play. Really disappointing considering how much fun this game used to be.

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Survive this post apocalyptic wasteland & see how many days you can last Fix for trader in factions

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