“The Walking Dead: Michonne” is a gripping and intense video game developed by Telltale Games. Based on the popular comic book series, it delves into the story of the iconic character Michonne. Players take on the role of Michonne as she navigates through a post-apocalyptic world infested with walkers, making tough choices that have lasting consequences. With its compelling narrative, stunning graphics, and immersive gameplay, “The Walking Dead: Michonne” is a must-play for fans of the franchise and those who enjoy thrilling and emotional storytelling in gaming.

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- 10 food, 5 medical supplies, 3 weapons, 50 gold, 2 gems, 1 diamond, 7 rubies, 1000 money, and 1 legendary sword.

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- Gold, 200 gems, $100,000, 50 diamonds, 500 wood, shotgun, medical kit, binoculars, compass, water bottle.

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I recently purchased the full episodes both 2-3. It's a good game. I would recommend it to friends but the controls are horrible. I keep clicking on the action dots but nothing happens, it sometimes works and other dots don't. It's very frustrating. I haven't received a refund and this problem has not been resolved. This game is a rip off!!🙄😒😤 SMH

Awesome game and story. Played original series. Loved it. But with this one I'm having problems. When you have to swipe or touch screen for action, on my phone I actually have to swipe or touch above or somewhere beside swipe line or a button. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Is there anything I can do about it to make it work properly? Or maybe developer can do something. Coz like that game is unplayable for me. My phone is quite modern and powerful. Samsung A72

I purchased the full game pass a long time ago and recently reinstalled the game on a whim. But now I can't access any episodes after the first one. They all say "purchased, coming soon!" But I've literally already played them before, so I don't understand. I've uninstalled the game and restarted my phone, cleared caches and checked permissions. I'm at a total loss. It's very frustrating. I feel like I've wasted money.

I Absolutely enjoyed it, played it from start to finish none stop. However clicking on object was hard to do. My screen for some reasons was unresponsive, had to do tens of clicks for each selection. That said, the story was absolute amazing, felt so bad at the end, i thought i could have saved greg.

All i can say is this is really good, the character is so badass, but there's some bugs like I can't touch the screen sometimes but it's all good you just need to pause by pressing the back button and then resume. The story id great!! the characters and such are also awesome. And the combat animation are so cool! i really wish it had 5 episodes, because by far this is my favorite telltale game of all time. 5 stars!!

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The Walking Dead: Michonne stars the iconic, blade-wielding character, Michonne. General Bug Fixes

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