“The Tank” is a gripping adventure set in Stick Pocket Hill, known for its treacherous terrain and hidden codes. Players must navigate a series of challenges in their futuristic tanks to unlock the secrets of the hill. Each code they decipher leads them deeper into the mystery, testing their skills and intellect. With enemies lurking at every turn, players must strategize and utilize their tank’s capabilities to emerge victorious. Will you conquer Stick Pocket Hill and unravel its secrets, or will you be defeated by its challenges?

New valid The Tank: Stick pocket hill Code

Code is hidden Get

- 10 gold coins, a magical sword, and a healing potion.

Code is hidden Get

- Collect 50 gold coins, 3 health potions, rare sword. Enjoy!

Secret rewards Get
The Tank: Stick pocket hill

List of The Tank: Stick pocket hill Codes

CODEExpiration Date
JF20HOLMMay 27, 2024
T29IURNEZGMay 29, 2024
0TSX3GCR6April 28, 2024
XI7C0B4DR6HApril 19, 2024
1DBYMAPEV7May 28, 2024
7IZAM2PQApril 29, 2024
PGQ1TJS0ZVApril 29, 2024
VRLD30IX2June 4, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

Enter code in-game by navigating to the settings menu, selecting redeem code, and entering the code. Enjoy The Tank: Stick Pocket Hill rewards.

The Tank: Stick pocket hill Codes Review

A few issues ... 1) asking to rate the game after only a few runs is absurd. How can anyone reasonably discern if they like something or not that quick. 2) The ratio of amount of reward to cost up upgrades is obscene, unless you watch ads, but you would still have to watch an abundance of ads to keep up. 3) the cost of upgrades is exorbitant. Start low and work to higher amounts as the player gains more coin. Make it reasonable and achievable.

Great game. Its really fun and the progression is good. However, level 50 is too hard. The boss is too difficult even with a tier 2 tank thats upgraded. We should be able to see our tank's health bar. I think this would be a good feature to add. I want to know how much damage im taking and by what.

5 stars. 🌟 plz make alot more endless mode and upgrades. Xp. Etc. Thx.

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