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The CW Coupon reviews

Update: They fixed the minimizing issue and added better shows!! So Great streaming app!! Top 3 for sure!! It has good shows. It has lots of ads, but it's also free.. so that's to be expected. My only real issue is that you can't minimize a show to check something on your phone (like Netflix and such) without it shutting off. If it didn't do that, I'd likely prefer it over Netflix these days, and I'd definitely use it more.

Lots of great shows on the CW, and I really don't mind having to watch ads, but this app is just awful! It constantly freezes or gets stuck in loops and then crashes. Then, when I go back in to it, it doesn't remember what show I was watching, let alone continue at the point where I was in it when it crashed. Very frustrating. I only watch streaming TV and none of my other apps freeze or get stuck in loops like the CW app does so I really don't think it's my internet service.

This app has a major problem with sequencing the ads. (Not to mention the fact that there are about (20) 30-second ads per 30 minutes of viewing). Each batch of ads crashes the app every.. single... time. Each crash forces you to hit the "go back" button then hit the "continue" button to resume watching. It's not worth the trouble. I think I'll just go back to Pluto and watch old episodes of Star Trek.

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