“The Chosen” is a thought-provoking television series that delves into the lives of the disciples of Jesus Christ and their personal journeys. Set in the backdrop of ancient Jerusalem, the show explores the struggles and triumphs of individuals who have been called upon to spread the teachings of a humble carpenter who is changing the course of history. With its powerful storytelling and authentic portrayals of historical figures, “The Chosen” captivates audiences with its emotional depth and spiritual themes. This compelling series provides a unique perspective on the human side of those who were chosen to carry out an extraordinary mission.

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The Chosen Reviews

Love everything about the Chosen. However, the app upgrade isn't working for me. I see the trailers for the new season are available from other sources, where as in previous years there eer constant updates on the app. Am not receiving any new content. Have not found a way to communicate to the administrator. Also overall the app has become too busy and unwieldy which all the other production content that's apart from the Chosen. I feel I don't even want to use it anymore.

UPDATE: In response to dev...I should clarify that I'm referring to casting content available from the 'Guild'. Since THAT content isn't made available via your Samsung or Roku apps, the only way to view it on a TV is to cast. Just updated all my apps and it STILL doesn't work on both of those devices. Fix that and get 5 stars. Great shows, however, it absolutely fails to cast anything to my 2023 Samsung TV or the Roku Ultra connected to it. It does work when sharing to Chromecast device, tho.

Have to update my rating. I love just about all Angel Studios content but their tech support is very lacking. I reported an issue w/ my phone months ago (app quits when rotating the phone & never used to) & recieved an initial email that "it was being worked on". Contacted them again a few months later & recieved almost the same response. It's now been 6 months w/ no response or resolution. BTW, The Chosen app hasn't had a single issue, just Angel Studios app.

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