Jurassic Survival Island is an action-packed adventure game that throws players into a dangerous world filled with prehistoric creatures and challenging environments. The game tasks players with gathering resources, crafting tools, and building shelters to survive the dangers of the island. With realistic graphics and thrilling gameplay, players must navigate through dense forests, treacherous mountains, and deep caves while avoiding deadly dinosaurs. Each decision will impact the player’s chances of survival, creating a thrilling and immersive experience. Jurassic Survival Island is a must-play for fans of survival games and dinosaur enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

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- 1. Explore the island and find 100 gems hidden in caves. 2. Defeat the T-Rex and claim 50 gold coins as reward. 3. Discover prehistoric artifacts and receive 200 ancient relics.

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- Sure, here's a short 10-word reward for the game "Jurassic Survival Island":"Found 4 gifts: 50 coconuts, 30 wood, 20 berries, flashlight."

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Jurassic Survival Island

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CODEExpiration Date
AQLHEDTSMarch 25, 2024
XEUWKA0F6SMarch 5, 2024
MF75Y94AQFebruary 27, 2024
8FIAOQHTV4JMarch 9, 2024
KNTI9BY4XZMarch 17, 2024
CXVJS4Q3February 14, 2024
ZX4FLVBJ0HMarch 19, 2024
0HGD8YM9CMarch 26, 2024

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Jurassic Survival Island Review

Interesting concept but gameplay is frequently interrupted with ads if you click on menus. It's also critically buggy. That the tutorial suggested i summon it my first dino while IN water, which it died in? i had to start a new game to get another try with that. There's also no way to zoom out, so it's easy for things to sneak up on you. UI is bulky and in the way, sometimes you hit menus or other buttons while trying to move. Which can open up unskippable 30 second ads. Ruins the game flow.

I just got started playing and i like the game so far, but when i perform actions in my inventory, i cant close it and get back to the play screen. I have to force close and re-open the app to play again which loses any progress i've made and reverts me back to the last save. Also i cant drag items to my hotbar. Looking forward to the final update and release.

I like this game it's really I like how you can explore by riding dinosaurs. But I have a few complaints. The islands have to be bigger and there has to be more Islands. I would also like it if you make it easier to get dinosaur eggs and the sea creatures so you can go explore the ocean. Edit: I'm changing my review to two stars because for some reason this stupid game literally reset all my progress back to the beginning. And it got screwed up when I tried making a new game nothing worked!!!!!

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