Tastemade is an online food and travel network that brings mouthwatering recipes and captivating travel experiences to its audience. With a wide range of content including cooking shows, travel documentaries, and behind-the-scenes chef interviews, Tastemade offers endless inspiration for foodies and adventurers alike. Whether you’re looking for a creative recipe to try out in your kitchen or in need of travel tips for your next vacation, Tastemade has got you covered. Join their community of passionate food lovers and indulge your senses with Tastemade’s delectable content.

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The concept is good. The recipes are new and innovative. The app is hard to navigate and is the only reason for my 2 star review. I would be very far into a category searching and reading recipes when I'd make the mistake of hitting their "back" button instead of my own phone's and it would send me all the way back to their home screen. It sounds small but it was beyond irritating every time.

really liked this app.... until they completely changed it. I had the app bc I loved the individual recipes and also bc it was free! now it's only shows and all of my favorite videos are gone, especially the recipes that I wanted to make at some point in the future. I understand the company needs to make money, but maybe at least create a second app that has everything the last version did. Really disappointed.

I'm beyond disappointed and frustrated. I just had to cancel my paid service&will now uninstall this app, which I actually love&would give at least 4 stars, prior to my recent problems. I sent literally 6 emails requesting help, in detail, as well as,feedback. I received a reply each time stating my problem was being reviewed and someone would get back to me right away. No one ever did!! I stopped being able to sign in&kept getting error messages so I couldn't save anything, etc. Just sad now..

They kind of force you to get a paid subscription with making most videos only appear for the people with subscription, and by letting you save a limited number of videos. But sometimes you can find even better tutorials on youtube, and you can make a note with all the links to the videos to still kind of save them. I hope it helped all the people that don't want to pay as well ;)

Hate the new update. Earlier, I was able to search for recipes according to different categories which was so damn convenient. This new version has videos which nobody is interested in and I can't even find what I'm looking for. Get the old version back with concise videos and texts of recipes! It's easier to follow them that way. Thanks!

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Tastemade is the home of award-winning Food, Travel, and Home & Design shows We rebuilt the Tastemade app from scratch—this wasn’t a “just add water” recipe!—to bring you a better experience and better performance with the same award-winning content.

We also unified our authentication system with the Tastemade website, so you need to use those credentials going forward and may need to reset your password.

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