TapTower is an addictive idle building game that will keep you hooked for hours. Build your own skyscraper by simply tapping on the screen. As you progress, upgrade your floors, hire workers, and unlock new features to expand your tower. Earn money even when you’re offline and watch your tower grow taller and taller. With stunning graphics and a simple gameplay, TapTower is the perfect game to relax and indulge in some casual building fun. Download it now and start constructing your dream skyscraper!

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- Resources: 100 wood, 50 stone, 200 iron, 75 food. Items: 2 potions, 1 scroll, 5 keys, 3 bombs. Gold: 1000. Gems: 50. Money: $500. Diamonds: 10. Rubies: 5. Equipment: Sword, Shield.

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- 12,000 gold, 500 gems, $1,000, 50 diamonds, 100 wood, 20 iron, 5 epic equipment, 30 potions

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mdp8irKR278October 15, 2023
LCxQiIUbZP192October 2, 2023
oyUXZHu7R621September 29, 2023
sUQKWHN6zVR292October 5, 2023
tYP6KaSNgG131September 27, 2023

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I like the game, it's well made, simple and pretty relaxing. The problem is that no matter how diligent you are about playing, offline progress is too minimal to move through the game without watching ads. Ads are a part of games now, obvious. But you guys should add like a free spin each day, or login rewards, little things make a big difference in motivation to play. Thanks and good luck.

It is very fun and I adore the concept; however, the mechanics are very tedious. It makes no sense to have to watch ads for an upgrade because there is a time restriction (ex. Wait an hour to upgrade tap once) as well as having every other useful tool accessed via watching an ad. I would love an update where there was more of a choice like pay with the in-game currency you have saved up for an upgrade/boost OR watch an ad.

After the first floor is done, the game goes downhill. Instead of being able to buy upgrades, you can watch an ad for upgrades. Instead of being able to increase tap value whenever you want, you're restricted to ONE UPGRADE PER REAL LIFE HOUR. Of course, you could just watch an ad... The amount of money it takes to get anywhere drastically increases after the first floor too, so if you want to be able to get anywhere in this game, I hope you like ads. Shame, too. It was a good first floor.

The concept of this game is great but unfortunately its just an ad farm. There are forced ads navigating menus and upgrading basic abilities requires an ad every other upgrade, you cannot upgrade without viewing it. Each stage also has a hard bottleneck where your currency generation dwindles to the point you almost need to watch ads to get bonuses or you get stuck. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

The game itself is unique and addicting however its sadly ruined by the many ads that are forced into your face just by switching menus. If you are going to charge for microtransactions then at least allow people to pay to stop seeing ads like most other games. Much of the game is all walled behind ads, want to upgrade your money per tap? Ad. Want to increase your total % of revenue? Ad. Want to just switch menus to buy upgrades? Ad. Not worth the time to play, sadly only 2 stars for the game.

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Build your dream tower! Manage construction and cash to become a builder tycoon

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