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TapTap Lite – Discover Games

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How to redeem TapTap Lite – Discover Games codes?

To redeem a coupon in TapTap Lite - Discover Games, open the app, navigate to the settings or profile section, find the option to redeem coupon, enter the code, and enjoy discounts or rewards.

TapTap Lite – Discover Games Coupon Reviews

Look I don't want to be mean, but I see no other way of contacting y'all regarding my issue. This is the 3rd time I've been locked out of playing pokemon sleep because it requires an update and y'all don't have it on tap tap yet. Please keep up with the apps you offer, this is the only app that allowed me to download sleep on my phone.

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App not bad at all, but there is something that you probably forgot. You should release the games that started pre-register a year ago, like that one game that I wanted "Monster Island" (Super Phantom Cat fangame), don't know when it started pre-register but I'm sure it's long ago, and it doesn't come out yet. So please release these games. I'm telling you this bcuz im afraid you forgot about these, and I hope you notice this. Tq

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