Tap Adventure Hero: Clicker 3D is an addictive and thrilling mobile game that will keep you engrossed for hours. With stunning 3D graphics and immersive gameplay, this clicker game is perfect for all ages. Take control of an epic hero and embark on a journey filled with adventure and quests. Tap your way through hordes of monsters, earn coins, and unlock powerful upgrades to become a legendary hero. Challenge yourself in exciting boss battles and test your skills in various game modes. Download Tap Adventure Hero: Clicker 3D today and enjoy endless fun!

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Tap Adventure Hero: Clicker 3D Tier List

It's ok. The math is all messed up. The bonus silver percentages go down after leveling up, I hate ads but all of a sudden clicking treasure boxes just gives the reward instead of an ad which means I don't get credit towards swords. And the rewards aren't the same. A few other small issues too. Takes too long to pass levels when your damage is way, way above what is needed to kill the monster. It should be instant. Seems like the dev has it set to 1 second minimum. Doesn't seem like much, but takes about 35 mins to get to level 100 with plenty if damage to pass each level.

I wish I could rate it higher because I enjoy the game, but the in game purchases are misleading... I spent 5 dollars on one that had collector coins, diamonds, and silver. In the background it had one if each type of card pack (unlike all the other purchases that just had diamonds as its background) So I assumed it came with one of each pack... I was wrong, for what it gave its a rip-off for 5 dollars, if it came with the packs it would of been a great deal, overall, seems shady to me.

Progression is ridiculously slow. Tapping isn't even worth it past super early. Premium currency only has 2 functional uses. You have to watch 5 ads to get a blueprint. You need 40 blueprints to upgrade your weapon to get the only meaningful damage boost in the game. There are like 11 different weapons. The gameplay loop is just so bare bones.

Game needs to chill down, you are introduced to the game with a pointing tutorial than you get bombarded with watching videos for money. 5 minutes in the game and I got a pop up screen that I should rate it 5 starts. It's kind of a weird way to gain success. I recomand Tap Titans 2 for a taping game.

its basic idle game. low end content, slow progression, premium currency have same value as dirt because there is only 2 option to use it. some people may earn more than what the ads have to offer in 30 sec which makes watching ads as a big penalty. the only positive is this game doesnt overheat my phone.

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PLAY NEW, CASUAL AND STRATEGIC FANTASY RPG CLICKER GAME WITH ENDLESS GAMEPLAY! Play one of the most addictive RPG idle clicker games with thousands of levels and tons of unique monsters and dragons to defeat! The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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