Tank Strike is an action-packed online multiplayer game where players engage in intense tank battles. With stunning graphics and realistic tank physics, the game provides an immersive experience for tank enthusiasts. Choose from a variety of tanks and customize them with powerful weapons and upgrades. Take part in exhilarating missions and conquer the battlefield with strategic maneuvers. Team up with friends or compete against players from around the world in thrilling PvP battles. Get ready to dominate the battlefield in Tank Strike – the ultimate online tank battle game.

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A month later- Folks at Oasis- Since the start of the new season, I have been placed in battles with tanks that are 3-4 levels above mine. Why do this - it makes the game uncompetitive and down right frustrating to the point of wanting to delete the game. The only thing keeping me from abolishing tank strike and all oasis associated games is the fact that I have an astronomical amount of time playing it. Please fix this by tomorrow. I am a loyal enthusiast but on my last ditch effort to fix this.

After playing tank strike for nearly 2 years, I am suddenly unable to login to the server with an error message coming up stating check resource connection?? I have tried absolutely everything I can think of to fix this with no joy? I have tried emailing your support team for help who seemed very uninterested when I told them it was tank strike I was having a problem with.

Avoid this game and this developer like the plague. They do nothing about the rampant cheating or anything to improve the game. Same 4 maps for over 3 years, no new gameplay features. Everything is about money for these guys - can't even get new tanks without spending $$$. Gameplay is actually enjoyable if you can avoid the cheaters and are content with a lesser tank fighting at lower levels

I lve this game. I play the game every day. It is a good game i recomended for any tank player. But. I have only one problem whith the game. During weekends when i play the game i get no reerds frm finishing on the battllefield. Why is this that i get no rewatds. Plaese fix this for me. I am 63 years off age. If i can play the game and love the game any one can play it. Thanks. Johan Fourie. Play as Striker J.

Tech tree is mostly infantry fighting vehicles not tanks some are fantasized trash and the few actual tanks aren't even named correctly. Gameplay wise it's no better I played a few battles and not one enemy even aimed at me let alone fired at me even when I'm right next to them witch is so boring in a shooting game. Would not recommend at all.

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A military strike game. Equip your tanks and prepare for battle! Update Contents:

1. Fixed the recharge prblem
2. Fixed the crash problem after the last update

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