Talking Ben the Dog is a fun and interactive mobile app that allows users to engage with a lovable animated dog. With a range of features including voice recognition and interactive animations, Talking Ben provides hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Users can have conversations with Ben, make him repeat phrases in a funny voice, or play mini-games with him. The app encourages creativity and imagination, making it a great tool for kids to practice language skills and entertain themselves. Talking Ben the Dog is a must-have for anyone looking for a cute and entertaining mobile companion.

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Talking Ben the Dog

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Talking Ben the Dog Reviews

Others may like it but I find it really boring. You mostly just sit on a chair the whole time. It would be really fun if we could do so fun things like in talking Hank we see animals and it talking Tom we get new outfits and we travel and in talking Angela there is a lot of fun things, but I really think this could be a great game with a few upgrades and fixes.

Did I just download game or did I download a load of advertisements . To say these games are aimed at children that is more advertisements than it is game so so wrong uninstalled after 10 minutes shame because my grandson loved it but I'm not letting him watch advertisement after advertisement just for a couple of seconds of gameplay

So talking ben is normal at the start but things get creepy and creepy suddenly before I was going to bed my phone was making some sort of noise I went over to check and I saw that Ben had red eyes and had black scribbles on he's walls I was terrified then something came on my phone after a few weeks of it being deleted on my phone there was a possible raid warning ⚠️ I was terrified talking ben was tracking my location I don't know what will happen stay safe and don't download this up

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