Introducing Taco App CR, the ultimate resource for taco enthusiasts in Costa Rica. Whether you’re craving traditional street-style tacos or innovative gourmet creations, this app has got you covered. Discover the best taco spots in every corner of the country, read reviews from fellow foodies, and even order your favorite tacos directly from the app. With Taco App CR, you can indulge in delicious tacos wherever you are. Download the app now and embark on a mouthwatering taco adventure in Costa Rica.

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Tried to update the old app, didn't work. So i tried to redownload it, now it's all in Spanish and asking for weird permissions. I was in a hurry to make a big group order and running into this was very frustrating. The regular website to order didn't work well either, and nobody at my taco bell location was answering the phone, so I had to go in person to make the order which added a lot of time. Due to covid, the only taco bell store that is open for dine in was very far. Frustrating.

Didn't let us load or update, even after reset. On another device, opened only in Spanish and (although I can understand) it offered no option to select a different language anywhere in the settings, let alone at the first page upon opening where it should be for those that only speak one language. No special offers like most restaurant apps either. Don't let me down like that, you can do way better and have before.

App is great. Didn't know I could build my perfect burrito before this. Taco Bell on the other hand..... my burrito is the way I ordered it about 1 out of 10 times. I like adding potatoes, siracha, double meat, and sour cream. Usually get it with 2 potatoes no siracha, enough sour cream for 4 burritos, and regular meat. When it's right it's great. When its not, makes me not wanna eat there anymore. So I don't.

I had the old app installed, but I was forced to update yesterday. The new app isn't in English, and I didn't see anywhere to select a language. I am in the US, so a spanish version isn't unreasonable, be there should be an option to choose the language. Also, no, this app does not need access to my photos. What is that about?

I have tried to load this app at least five times sitting outside of a Taco. However once it loads and I hit open it just flashes and shuts off. It will not stay open, so therefore I am not ordering. Please fix your app!

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Have access to the Taco Bell CR menu, incredible designed promos and Tacupones. Con Taco App tené acceso al menu de Taco Bell e increíbles promos diseñadas.

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