Sweetwater.com is your one-stop destination for all your musical needs. Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting out, Sweetwater has everything you need to create, record, and perform your music. From guitars, keyboards, and drums, to audio interfaces, studio monitors, and DJ equipment, they have a wide selection of instruments and gear from the top brands in the industry. With exceptional customer service and free shipping on most orders, Sweetwater.com is the ultimate online music store for all your musical needs.

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I LOVE Sweetwater as a company. Through 5+ years of shopping with them I've yet to have a bad experience. However, this app is simply not very good. It is very clearly a glorified link to their mobile site, which isn't necessarily bad. But, the way they've coded the app has caused the top and bottom menu bars to be duplicates so I see two "home" buttons, two "cart" buttons, etc. Usually the app works well enough that I can shop, but about 20% of the time the search function doesn't do anything.

I have been a customer for a very long time, and most of Sweetwater's operations are great! However. This app hasn't been updated for years by the posted update date and for quite some time I now get double menu bars which encourages me not to trust me app. I don't feel comfortable using the app when these obvious bugs are easily discoverable and other companies would have fixed this long ago.

I love Sweetwater but this app is the worst. It works correctly 1 in 5 times. It is almost always frozen. Almost every time I open it the only thing you can see is Sweetwater at the top and your shopping cart. Search rarely works. The only thing that ALWAYS works is to go in the cart, assuming there was that rare occasion when you could search for something and put it in. And you can checkout. I installed and uninstalled at least 5 times and it still doesn't work.

I have to crash the app everytime I switch to a different application because it freezes. it's laggy and unresponsive. there's no reason to use this instead of just going to the website on a browser, it just mimics the site anyway. sweetwater as a business is amazing and I love their products. but they should outsource their API to someone who knows what their doing. makes SW look incompetent when the app can't load a simple product page

Sweetwater is amazing, the app isn't. Pros - Amazing selection, everything you need, you can find here - Great service, you can get help if you need it - They even have financing - Great prices Cons - The app will crash multiple times while using it - Loading times are awful, even with fast internet speeds - A lot of the times it won't read when you select something - You might have to close and open the app multiple times just to get it started I will change my review if fixed

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