In the post-apocalyptic world of Survival City, codes play a crucial role in building and defending your sanctuary. These codes provide access to essential resources, unlock powerful weapons, and strengthen your defenses against ruthless enemies. By strategically using these codes, players can create a thriving community and ensure the survival of their city. Stay vigilant, as new codes may appear unexpectedly, offering new opportunities for growth and protection. Embrace the challenge, crack the codes, and lead your city to prosperity amidst the harsh realities of this unforgiving landscape.

New valid Survival City – Build & Defend Code

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- 1. Gold bundle: 100 coins, 50 bars, 25 diamonds 2. Rare loot: 2 legendary weapons, 3 epic supplies, 1 armor 3. Mega pack: 500 resources, 10 boosters, 5 power-ups

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- 10 Diamond, 20 Wood, 5 Food, 15 Stone. Good luck!

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Survival City – Build & Defend

List of Survival City – Build & Defend Codes

CODEExpiration Date
DKB4YZE3May 3, 2024
Y468EMUOTBApril 22, 2024
8GEF6TB4OMay 9, 2024
D7XK8H53UFRMay 8, 2024
WL462QIO5PApril 16, 2024
LD70NGKBApril 29, 2024
Q6FWAJYV0TApril 30, 2024
2FBV6HT1IMay 4, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem a code in Survival City: Build & Defend, navigate to the in-game settings, select the "Redeem Code" option, and enter the code provided to unlock rewards.

Survival City – Build & Defend Codes Review

Great game. It drains the battery faster than most other games because of the CPU usage, but worth it. Most of the game's negative reviews come from people who don't like losing a night. The game is designed to grow in difficulty until you lose. Each time you do, you keep all your base upgrades and you build more until you can pass the next checkpoint. One checkpoint took me about 6 attempts, but the fact that you never lose base upgrades means you are always moving forward.

I want to enjoy this, I really do. But once you're at a certain level you need stone for everything and it's the most difficult resource to find. Harder than gold. I now have several buildings destroyed and i can't rebuild because the game won't give me any stupid stone! I really want to enjoy it but it's quickly becoming more frustrating than fun.

This game is unbalanced and unfair. Your 1st 2 "lives" will be the best progress you will make. After hitting 40+ and losing you will never make it past that. You will never get the steel required to upgrade warehouse to level 3 in order to have enough materials to upgrade your main building and unlock upgrades for various defenses. The gold you get per playthrough is miniscule. My 1st playthrough i made it to lvl 20 before dying and getting near 200 gold. Second time i got to round 41 and died with near 200 gold. Now I die before round 41 every time. This is because the game will only give you steel once by time enemies that do fire damage start showing up. You will not have time to upgrade defences to stone before that happens as upgrading defenses takes over a day, with exception of walls. You will have to lose a dozen times or more to get a decent portion of defenses that are only purchaseable with gold, some which are basically useless and waste your gold, like the lightning tower which does 1 dmg a hit and doesnt even protect your defenses from being struck by lightning. Weapons are super rare and you often dont get any weapons for people not using an assault rifle or a pistol. Most survivors are useless. They either eat tons of food and have slow attacks, or they have low food cost, and poor range, some even have poor range, and high food cost. Some buildings dont make since. A tower has 360 range but a bunker apparently does not. Shacks and such make since, but a bunker is 360 by design so why can they only attack in 2 directions. All people in bunkers should be able to shoot any direction of any side of a bunker. Scarecrows are over priced on wood. It costs 20 wood to repair them, you cant upgrade them to better materials so they survive longer, and their hp is low. Using them is a waste as 1 round will destroy all of them and cost 20 wood each to repair. The size that individual buildings and defenses take is not proportional. As such you cant make a defense than is equal on all sides. Buildings should be 3x3 or 5x5, never 4x4 (like bunker). You cant have an even defense anywhere around the main building while using bunkers. As such their not good to use till later on when you have more space on the map to build on. As for progression its horrible. I can have way more defenses, and a better setup than someone who just mashes all their defenses in a row and not progress as far as them despite having access to additional defenses that are supposed to aid me, like trenches, spikes, traps, electroshock towers, and scarecrows for example which do not actually improve my survivability at all. This is due to the fact that on your 1st or second life after dying you are still fighting easier zombies. You are able to get 6 or more survivors, and just focus on ammo and food and upgrading defenses. Because those zombies are easier you get more gold and progress faster, and you can reuse that gold to ignore dying to progress even further. Once you pass day 31 and die you are handicapped. You get only level 2 defenses, even if they were higher, you only get 3 survivors, and you have less than 10 days to upgrade warehouse, all your defenses, and your main building, which requires steel. On top of this you need food, ammo, and to find survivors. Its impossible. As such this is a pay to win game. Forcing players to spend money to get resources to progress is a poor game design. Not everything that can earn you more money actually results in you obtaining as much income as possible. Good games with fair microtransactions make far more money because people enjoy them, not because they feel forced into making the purchases to begin with

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