Surgeon Simulator Doctor Games offer an exciting virtual experience of being a surgeon. From brain surgeries to heart transplants, these games allow players to perform complex medical procedures with precision and skill. With realistic graphics and intuitive controls, players can immerse themselves in the life of a surgeon and test their surgical abilities. Whether it’s saving lives or overcoming challenging obstacles, Surgeon Simulator Doctor Games provide a thrilling adventure for those interested in the medical field. So put on your virtual scrubs and get ready to save lives in the operating room!

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First I will start with the one positive I do see, the graphics are good. But they don't let you even do the procedure, you only drag each tool up, would be much better if you could actually do what it wants you to. Also they have so many adds, at the end of each level there is a choice for an add to double your coins. It says there's an option to skip said add but it still makes you watch it.

A really easy game with simple graphics. Ads coming every before and after surgery so I turn my airplane mode on and it went adless lol. The surgery sometimes come off as a bit terrifying for me especially with the sound effects, but it's worth my (very) free time. Not-so-realistic but is still entertaining. Hoping you guys will add more variety of patients and not just the same two man and woman with different names.

This is a very dull game, I was hoping it would be similar to the ads you see but there really isn't much to it, you see an ad to log in, an ad to get to each level, you swipe up several times and then the level is done and back to more ads, no choice on what to use and when, only ever one problem at a time and all resolved by just swiping up. For example you need to make an incision, not up to you where the blade goes, you swipe up and it does it all for you.

Ya it is a good learning ...and experience...the doctor job...and their things

This game is very bad n boring i have never experienced this type of game u should increase the levels its very very baaaaad

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Doctor surgery games to save life in offline doctor games & epic hospital games. Version-184 is here with improvements in
✔️ Gameplay Improvements and Optimizations
✔️ Minor Bugs Fixed
"Let's get the mesmerizing experience of different surgeries 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️

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