Are you ready to engage in the ultimate showdown? Supreme Duelist 2019 is here to test your skills and prove your worth as a master duelist. With an array of powerful cards and strategies at your disposal, you’ll be able to unleash devastating attacks and outwit opponents from all over the world. Show off your deck-building prowess and rise through the ranks, earning respect and fame along the way. The battle for supremacy begins now, so get ready to duel in the most intense card game of the year!

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- 100 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 1 diamond, 10 resources, 3 items, 500 money, 1 equipment.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 20 wood, steel sword, potion of healing, lucky amulet, dragon scale armor.

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Supreme Duelist 2019 Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
S3lDo5VA788November 14, 2023
I14oMpxnJ7638October 6, 2023
sqZ6Kf0lv820October 26, 2023
epixY1FkNOw372September 26, 2023
7kJYchzl4A321September 29, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

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The game is great and really does throws me back to the past but however i see one glaring issue regarding the framerate of this version, now i understand that this one likely uses old code, but i still think this problem is big enough to not be ignored. I still gave it 3 stars for its nostalgic value but if the framerate issues get fixed i will increase it.

Its a good game. I hope a 60 and 120 fps modes are added as well as a no ads button to be bought. Nothing more except bug fixes in the future to keep the look and feel of the 2019 version.

I remember this game in 2019 me and my friend played it for hours and now it's back and I love the feeling the nostalgia from plating this game. But this one does the same thing as the new one whenever I get an ad all of the music stops and I can't hear anything.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING IT BACK, I missed this version! ❤️ I have a suggestion, you should make a game that there's versions like major update after the 2019 release, ya know bringing back the memories :D (if you don't want to, you don't need to do it)

I just love the way these weapon were unbalanced in the beginning. That's what make it funny to play they should rectores the ability of the scithe. I just played with my friend like in the old times. I loved this thank you

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Supreme Duelist Stickman [2019 version] made by Neron's Brother. Supreme Duelist Stickman [2019 Version], By Neron's Brother

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