“Super Starfish” is an addictive mobile game where players control a delightful starfish, guiding it through vibrant ocean environments filled with colorful sea creatures. As players navigate the deep blue sea, they can collect exotic marine life and unlock new starfish friends. The game’s beautiful visuals and relaxing music create a soothing and immersive experience for players of all ages. With its simple controls and challenging levels, “Super Starfish” offers hours of entertainment and relaxation. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a devoted fan of ocean-themed games, “Super Starfish” is sure to capture your attention and spark your imagination.

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- "2000 stars, 500 shells, and 100 pearls for Super Starfish!"

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- 1. Rare Gem - 1000 2. Golden Seashell - 500 3. Magic Conch - 750 4. Starfish Necklace - 200

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Super Starfish

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CODEExpiration Date
5EFKP4WHMarch 20, 2024
BXHC6W9TKPMarch 16, 2024
1ROAI2BZ6March 10, 2024
A4SRLQ7BEHGMarch 20, 2024
4L5FCXMJ2NMarch 26, 2024
684MLTR9April 2, 2024
1J2RY4HQUKApril 14, 2024
PVYKSJHRDApril 10, 2024

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Super Starfish Review

Very fun, love the vibes here! Very pretty visuals and music. I don't like the league being a section of the sanctuary. I'd prefer it if getting promoted from the league just wins you the corresponding plant. The ads have gotten more intrusive since the last time I played but they're either short or optional. Couldn't transfer save data from my previous phone :( Would Recommend!

Changed to 3 stars because every time I get a new device, the game starts over, and I lose everything I had. Although a challenging and very fun game, I hate that it starts over and doesn't save the progress. I hate having to do the tutorial over and over. I love that the advertising is optional, and I love the different types of fish you can buy with shells you earn. I do recommend the game, but don't get any new devices, or you'll be starting over again and again for each new device.

I have actually played this game off and on for years, and it has stayed fun in all that time. It's a good arcade style game, the ads are manageable to watch, the devs keep everything running smoothly and honestly their other games are great too. I love learning a quick fishy fact each new friend, and they're all beautifully drawn and animated. The visuals of the game are stunning.

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