Summit Racing is a leading provider of high-performance automotive parts, tools, and accessories. With a wide range of products from top brands, car enthusiasts and professionals can find everything they need to upgrade and customize their vehicles. From engines and exhaust systems to suspension components and brakes, Summit Racing has it all. They offer a user-friendly online store where customers can easily find and purchase the parts they need. With excellent customer service and fast shipping, Summit Racing is the go-to destination for automotive enthusiasts looking to enhance their driving experience.

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Would like a save for later option on the cart, where I can purchase some of the Items, but not have to look up others again, If I want to get them later. Also, being able to have the search keep your previous searches available, so you could change a word or add something without having to re-type every word. 2 things that could be more user friendly, since you're asking.. Frank

The app is not as good as it could be. I have only placed a single order with it. The website provides a much better experience (even on mobile). The app is fine for on the go browsing. It had some strange behaviors. Sometimes it comes up with incomplete or no search results. Ultimately, the app is just OK. Feature Request: Sync cart on website with app.

Works well except one feature. When filtering search results if you don't see the year you want for example and you try to expand it to find the one you want, it does not show all of the available options. For example, search for camshafts, enter a Gen 1 small block chevy and then go to year. If you expand it to show all the years you will only see as far back as maybe 1980. I cannot select 1970 for example as the year of engine. This occurs with lots of things such as LSS. Duration, piston compression height, anything with a lot of results...

Rarely do I review apps, because rarely do I have the type of experience I have with the Summit Racing app. To summarize, it is terrible. In the past I would use the online catalog to order parts because the way it was set up was amazing. Super simple, easy to navigate. No problems. But this abomination that we're forced to use now is actual garbage. Hot, stinking refuse from the depths of a very limited, very poor intelligence. Please fix what you've done. No one likes it.

At the moment I can no longer even use the app. Will not let me go past the recently viewed page. Can't get into my cart. Can't look up anything either using the search bar, trying to select via vehicle or engine. Can't do anything. Starts doing the loading screen then leaves you at the recently viewed. I miss the old app. At least it worked Update = with the fix the app is up and working again. Only reason I'm giving the new app 4 Stars is because I couldn't give it 4.5. It's easier to use but still a little glitchy and freezes up from time to time. If the new update fixes that I'll be changing my rating to 5 Stars. Time will tell that

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Everything you need for anything you drive! Bug fixes and improvements.

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