Suika Pang Pang is a popular arcade game in Japan that involves hitting watermelons with a wooden mallet to try and make them explode. The game requires skill, precision, and timing as players must aim to hit the watermelon at the right moment to make it burst open. Suika Pang Pang is not only a fun and exciting game, but also a great way to relieve stress and improve hand-eye coordination. It has become a beloved pastime for many in Japan and continues to attract players of all ages.

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dz384Ucp379December 20, 2023
XiL5G8yZcU831December 13, 2023
jwVBM5LfJ509November 30, 2023
MeS8NE0niYf577November 27, 2023
rR17f5pYlc990November 22, 2023

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Suika Pang Pang Tier List

This game has a bit of an issue with prematurely counting a loss. In the middle of a combination, it will not wait for 2 like-fruits to combine and instantly checks if anything is crossing the line, including one game where a combination threw a cherry out the top of the container and instantly quit my game. But every other part of the physics/ mechanics feels predictable so you can reasonably think about your moves and enjoy the puzzle. -1 star for bugs and unleavable ad screens.

the best alternative to the switch game that i've seen so far! i was worried there would be ads that interrupt the gameplay, but there's just a banner and one when you lose + optional ones for more coins. the fruits are really cute too! i do wish the music would change every now and then though, because it can get annoying after a while but i don't want to play in silence

Don't go to watch adverts for help/powerups. Game then freezes and you can't do anything in game. I lost my high score by over 1000 to this happening, I have a screenshot of the score. The game stopped moving, nothing happened when I tapped anywhere. Annoying. Other than that it's a cute little game.

The game is cute & can entertain me for a long time. But it still can improve. For example if I leave the game, my progress is going to be lost. Also there's no level up. Just start over again & again. If there are level up mich better. For example can when level up, the jar will be bigger? Just some of the things I noticed

I'm not against ads per say. But having one before the first game aka try the game is too much. An ad each game is a bit too much too. But my biggest problem is the hitbox : you have bigger hitbox than the fruit visual which cause space you couldn't predict. Unplayable.

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