Streets of Rage Classic is a timeless game that brings back memories of classic beat ’em up action. With its retro graphics and addictive gameplay, it’s the perfect way to relive the glory days of arcade gaming. You can choose from three iconic characters and battle your way through the mean streets, taking down hordes of enemies with powerful combos and special moves. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, Streets of Rage Classic is sure to provide hours of nostalgic fun.

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Streets of Rage Classic Tier List

A classic game, translates pretty well to touch controls. Only issue I have is with performing a back attack, which is tricky (but not impossible) to pull off on here since you need to press two buttons at once. Also, just do yourself a favor and spend the buck or two for ad free. The default ad implementation is awful, with long 30 second ads every time you pause, rewind, or complete a level.

The controls are a little tight, but luckily they do have options to enlarge the buttons. Up to 1.5x, though I do hope they implement up to 2x the button size. The lack of controller support is a little jarring, but at least they added multiplayer support. Simply put, a masterpiece from the Genesis Era now on our phones, and for a reasonable price.

Got this game for nostalgic reasons. It's just like the original. Music and all. Ads aren't bad, and graphics are the same. I'd give it 5 stars for that. Problem is, when trying to go left, the character does for a second, then the d-pad automatically keeps trying to go right. And will even jump on it's own to your death off the elevator. Because of this, I give it 3 stars. This needs to be fixed ( which I highly doubt because most games from big developers do not get fixed. They are too big to f

Sega monitization garbage. I purchased this game a while back that had no drm and did not require and internet connection. Exactly what I needed for long trips. Now, however, not only can I not play offline, I also have to watch ads when I start the app and between each level. This is the absolute worst experience. I'd rate it negative stars if I had the option.

Pretty impossible to beat without cheats (continues and saves mainly). This sure is a classic, and even though touchscreen controls are the nightmare for these, thanks to Sega these games won't be forgotten, as well as for being a nice beginner beat-em-up! Though, had to give 3 stars because it's pretty inconvenient to play on the touchscreen (and I'm talking about Easy level of difficulty here).

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Brawl and beat the streets in SEGA’s ultimate side-scrolling beat-‘em up. Bug fixes and refinements

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