Street racing – racing cars rush through the streets of the city at breakneck speed. Behind the wheel are those who are considered the fastest. Only the best participate in the competition.

The thirst for speed has united into the ranks of real extreme sports – those who want to get into the top list must squeeze the maximum out of their iron friend. You can at your discretion change not only the characteristics of the car, but also its appearance. Create a unique tuning with more than 500 stickers, show what your car is capable of in the fight for victory with no less fast cars. Improve your skills in races with real people and become an unsurpassed racer!

Active Street Racing VIP Codes

TRgfpoxxxxx Get

- Gold x8932K, Gems x187, Coins x87456

P4v8aGxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x387, Money x91358, Resources x1364K

Street Racing Codes

List of Street Racing Codes

Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
rHVAEzDu1PbJune 20, 2023258
U0mn1Dp2rOQlJuly 18, 2023769
Zq1KsnuPbxJune 18, 2023206
acy0fxIDRP7July 18, 2023416
OFIkTA2DdGVJune 27, 2023880

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Street Racing Tier List

You can tell it's developed by a small team but it feels like they really put alot of effort into it! The physics are way better than I expected and the manual transmission behaves like a real car would. Im still just starting out but I'm having a blast with it! Only suggestions would be to make the ai a little bit better and improve the size of the map. The graphics of the cars blow my mind they look so real, not to mention the deep customization! Really fun game

Amazing game on my phone. Its easy to pickup and play and it resembles Need for Speed Underground/Underground 2. Customization is almost unlimited and the world is fairly large. Car physics are pretty good for a mobile game. My civic understeers because of its Front wheel drive layout. While my Mustang oversteers and spins out sometimes. The R32 with its all wheel drive layout is the most balanced and handles excellently. Only issue would be with drag races at the start of the game. If you don't have nitrous at the start than most likely you would lose. That and the drift events, I'm not so good at those so i just drive to the finish line and end the event as fast as I possibly can. The progression is good but slow at times. Like i think that all the upgrades should be within the first 10 levels. Overall i loved the game I would add more cars and maybe a paint slider to make your car less matte, and a way to share designs with others.

this racing game deserves a gold medal reward for the best racing game app. What makes this game great is the fully customizable options you have for every vehicle. They have a great selection of cars to choose from. You can design your vehicle any kinda way you like. The graphics are good on the map. Also graphics for cars are very detailed. Also you can tune your vehicle, changing gear ratios to make your car even that much faster to beat competition. Just a great game good job to the creator

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Street Racing Wiki

Create a unique car using tuning. Take part in online races! - 2 new types of races in multiplayer: capture the flag, touch and go.
- Some cars now have more power after upgrades.
- Added track selection in multiplayer.
- New tracks: 6 - sprints, 5 - drift, 2 - drag, 3 - pursuit.
- Added track names.

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