Street Dude – Homeless Empire is a riveting story of survival, resilience, and the power of human connection. Set in the gritty streets of a bustling city, the film follows the journey of Johnny, a charismatic homeless man, as he navigates the challenges of life on the streets. With a compelling storyline and power-packed performances, Street Dude – Homeless Empire highlights the harsh realities faced by the homeless population while emphasizing the importance of compassion and understanding. Prepare to be moved and inspired by this thought-provoking film that explores the depths of the human spirit.

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- 10 wood, 5 water bottles, 100 gold, 3 gems, 50 money, 2 diamonds, 1 ruby, 1 iron sword, 1 leather armor, 1 steel helmet.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, $100, 3 diamonds, 50 resources, legendary sword, healing potion, rare artifact, magic wand, homeless shelter.

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
y5tkq4Qi827September 24, 2023
9UWn6z140g414November 10, 2023
yx3M7FQbE620October 12, 2023
w40M3HdUXyV325October 13, 2023
f3Mz0rDNd4771October 16, 2023

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A polished cash grab. For being a unity based game they put in some extra time to make the game more visually appealing and a step above the rest. However the game is like so many others is just a front to make you watch ads. Unless you pay there are intrusive ads everywhere. The gameplay purposely blocks advancement unless you watch an ad to pick up piles of resources, or are willing to waste several minutes walking to and from dumpsters, only to repeat at the next section.

Started out ok but quickly turned into a ton of ads. I could deal with an occasional ad, but it was 30 sec ads and then maybe 10 to 15 seconds of actual game time. Listen up ppl and don't waste your time, or you will be deleting this game as I did. Developers, im welcoming the ads, no problem. Just make it to where you can actually play the game some. That really got ridiculous. Therefore, im deleting the so called "game"

Game is actually pretty good for the most part. Power ups or bonuses only seem to make any impact for a few levels then they do absolutely nothing. The vibration, music and effects in the settings are also of no use. Please, development team, fix these issues and we'll see where we go with the game. The game play is actually pretty smooth and there aren't any visual glitches that I noticed on my phone. Overall I really like the game.

Music and SFX don't work. Eventually the map stops working, too. There's no inventory button, and progression is about as boring as it gets. The in-game ad bar frequently creates lag, and while some of the ads are skippable, which I can appreciate, many items are only available by watching ads which can't be skipped. You can make a purchase to remove ads, but why would anyone make a purchase in a game that is broken to begin with? And the difficulty of the game itself renders it truly boring.

It's entertaining but super repetitive.. A ton of ads start to pop up after the 3rd level after every single thing you do so I deleted the game. I understand people need the adds for funding but come on...... Every 10 seconds there is a 10 sec to 30 sec add for games I have already either tried or that I have downloaded on my phone. And sometimes the ads don't match the actual game.

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Rise from zero to hero to become the richest street urchin ever live! Bug fixes!

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