Tap Defenders is an exciting tower defense game that puts your strategic skills to the test. As waves of enemies approach, it’s up to you to build a strong defense using various heroes and upgrades. Tap and swipe to unleash powerful abilities, defeat monsters, and protect your kingdom from imminent danger. With its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and challenging levels, Tap Defenders will keep you entertained for hours on end. Can you defend your realm and become the ultimate defender? Download Tap Defenders now and find out!

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They currently have the equivalent of a battle pass as a Christmas event. For all the rewards you'd need to buy two subscriptions which would cost you $130 🤣 imagine a game asking $130 a month for their battle pass 🤯 triple A games don't even cost this much, and yet they make more money. Mobile game industry needs to change. It's disgusting.

Idle done right. Mixed with a tower defense game, so your progression is not only not based around meaningless tasks and idle bars, but you may even progress further by changing your team composition. My only grievances: gameplay is slow, and needs my phone to be on a LONG time Expiditions remove characters from teams entirely, even if it's not your active setup. I'd like to see the 3 teams remember and replace units that left for expiditions, rather than rebuild teams over and over

Overall its a great game with unique gameplay with tapping and idle system, it has many room for improvement, such as hero management interface, i think it would be great if i can arrange my hero list in easier way, as for now it took much time for me to deploy and sort it out,

Like everyone else, I can't get past the 'click here for achievement' tutorial message. I think the problem is people, myself included, clicked the achievement before the tutorial so theres nothing to accept. Stupid really. TLDR Unable to play due to annoying tutorial message. Avoid.

Good game so far. However, it is poorly optimized and the game freezes 5s everytime you click on a new interface. It is not to the point of unplayable, but definitely bad for a game with such simple graphics.

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Defend against attack and overcome the maximum stage - Expanding Rune Maximum Level
- Improved Convenience for Raids, Transcendence Abilities, etc
- Added Halloween Event
- Improved game system
- Bug fixes

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