Stormfall: Saga of Survival is an immersive adventure game that thrusts players into a dark and dangerous fantasy world. Stranded in the forsaken lands, you must explore, scavenge, and craft to survive against unforgiving elements and deadly creatures. Gather resources to build weapons and armor, and create a shelter to protect yourself from the harsh environment. Join forces with other survivors to form alliances, trade goods, and conquer enemy outposts. With stunning visuals and intense gameplay, Stormfall: Saga of Survival offers an unforgettable gaming experience for fans of survival and fantasy genres.

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- 1000 gold, 5 gems, 2 diamonds, leather armor, iron sword, 200 rubies, 3000 money, 10 healing potions, 50 wood, 20 iron ingots.

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- 10,000 gold, 500 gems, $100, 100 diamonds, 200 wood, 50 iron, enchanted sword, healing potion.

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gnAXvuMs388October 24, 2023
0D6WmGzMIj178October 30, 2023
5yHR6orN7128October 13, 2023
ZufrSRc456D361November 10, 2023
eiPJ9xNDL8225October 15, 2023

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Overall I really enjoy the gameplay. There is a lot to do. However I wish the crafting recipes weren't so expensive OR item durability was better. As it is now, you spend a ton of materials making a weapon for it to break so quick it doesn't feel worth the materials to make. Also the range on a lot of enemies don't make sense, and I just lost everything from a glitch when I tried to leave a zone and got attacked, couldn't fight back and died.

I love adventure/builder games, but a good one is so hard to find! They either cost a fortune to do anything, you get wiped out early on by more powerful players, or the build times are ridiculous! This game has none of those setbacks. I highly recommend this game if you are like me and just want to run around a free roam world going on quests, killing monsters, collecting resources, custom build your home base, and not have to worry about logging on to find someone wiped you out!

I've tried several games like this recently and this is by far my fave. You can travel the world map without waiting for energy. Getting what you need to advance is challenging but not impossible. My only complaint is I can't figure out coordinates so that I can visit and trade with other players. So I wish it was easier to find and travel to specific exile locations.

Love this type of survival craft, adventure, builder. This game improves on a lot of thing I didn't like in similar games to make the game incredibly fun and not annoy you. it improves so much and allows you to play the game instead of worrying about the weapon/armor durability which can be upgraded with recipes found in the world...... having issues with login "current cluster is not selected /specified" I believe the error was.

It started out very interesting. The gameplay is good, the concept is good. However, thanks to the archaic leveling system, it quickly devolved into a grind. One can only repeat the same exact locations so many times before it feels like a chore. After doing the same locations a dozen times each, I've grown quite bored. The game has a great concept, but locking so much of it behind a slow, grindy level system ruins it. Much like a lot of games today...

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Hunt. Craft. Survive. Start your quest in a world of swords and sorcery. Here's what's coming up in version 1.15.0:

- Technical Updates. Enjoy an improved gaming experience.

- Stability Improvements. Encounter fewer crashes, bugs, and other interruptions to your game.

- Smoother Gameplay. Experience faster performance.

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