Stone Miner Codes (2023 December) 2.13.3

Last update November 16, 2023

Stone Miner is a thrilling adventure game where players dig deep into the earth, mining precious stones. With stunning graphics and captivating gameplay, it offers a truly immersive experience. As a stone miner, you’ll navigate through underground tunnels, avoiding dangerous obstacles and creatures that lurk in the darkness. Use your materials wisely to craft powerful tools and equipment, and discover rare gems and treasures hidden within the rocks. Uncover the secrets of the underground world and become the ultimate master of stones in Stone Miner!

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VA8I7P9f576November 19, 2023
cjLwVZDh9y683December 5, 2023
zYw564bBr996January 1, 2024
8Te3AvKX6Sd246December 17, 2023
6UOXvKkHZa562January 2, 2024

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When you actually play the game, it's fun. but the random ads that pop up during gameplay, when you didn't select "triple it" or select a booster, really rubs raw. yes they are usually shorter than the others, but that doesn't excuse it. game would have gotten at least 4 stars if they weren't there. {ADDED EDIT} Had to uninstall the game. Got a new phone, all progress lost. I do not want to deal with the stupid ads all over again.

Game is okay. Paid to remove the ads but, thought there were more levels. Tried to go back to level 2 from the very end and it's just moving on the water. Left game running for 30 minutes exactly and it's doing absolutely nothing but surfing on the water. That's the reason for the 2 stars. Fix this so you can move from level to level. Fixing to delete it.

It was fun, good time waster. Needs more levels, and more things to do with your stars when town is fully built. Ads are manageable and it's a great game to play when you're not able to connect to the internet (i.e no ads). The only things I didn't like was how I couldn't get the gems from the town when I didn't have internet (mandatory ad) and the event was constantly scaling to the level of your miner each time you start it making it almost impossible without watching ads and getting boosters.

I used airplane mode to make this playable. The game itself is... Okay. It's very unpolished, but a great way to kill time. There's next to no sound except for when picking up stones. Upgrading takes entirely too long. After 3 levels, I barely had a few power upgrades. The game has a very unfinished feel to it. Ad wise, the game heavily relies on adverts as most anything in the game prompts you to watch an ad, including upgrading. Giving it 2 stars because it's not bad, but it's far from good.

Far too many ads. It's very distracting when you're trying to play, only to suddenly get an ad pop up that lags and won't skip when you press the x. The game often lags, and sends the miner where I don't want to go, even if I'm not touching the screen. The boosters that pop up are distracting too, and mess up my game. On top of that, the app would often kick me out to my home screen, and I'd have to reenter the app. It's so bad I want to give a 0, but that's not possible, so I give it a 1.

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