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StockX – Sneakers + more

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How to redeem StockX – Sneakers + more codes?

To redeem a coupon on StockX for sneakers and more, enter the code at checkout to receive a discount on your purchase. Enjoy savings on authentic, exclusive items.

StockX – Sneakers + more Coupon Reviews

The one time I've ordered was quick and easy, but the app sucks. Moving favorites works 1 of 10 times, and adding favorites to a list other than the All Favorites list is just as unreliable. When adding/moving favorites, you can only see a certain number of favorites lists, so if you like to be specific and organized, you have limitations. Also, why do you require all favorites to be added there instead of letting us use it as another list due to your aforementioned limits? Also chat doesnt work

This app used to be great, but for the past few months it is nearly unusable. It struggles to load pages and then it constantly asks me to click and hold a button to prove I am not a bot. This would be fine if it worked, but it often gives an error message and then pops up the same screen multiple times over and over again. I have sent multiple messages to their customer service with the error code, and haven't heard anything back, not has the problem been resolved.

Great experience. I've ordered before and have never had an issue. This time I was a little curious on the express shipping. I could not find a less expensive option. I really didn't need express but they will be at more door in four days and that's with the holiday thrown in. Since I am spending a good amount it's nice to have them authenticated with a enclosed certificate.

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