Stickman Trenches: Legacy War is an exhilarating mobile game that takes players back to the trenches of World War I. With breathtaking graphics and intense gameplay, players are immersed in the chaotic and treacherous battlefields, commanding their stickman soldiers to victory. The game features a variety of weapons, upgrades, and special abilities to deploy in strategic warfare. As players progress, they unlock new missions, challenges, and customization options. Prepare for an epic battle and relive the legacy of war in Stickman Trenches: Legacy War on your mobile device.

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Stickman Trenches: Legacy War Tier List

The units have weird shooting characteristics. Glitching is common with the machine gunner. It would be nice if I could direct control or if the units could shoot farther especially the machine gunner.

I play the game last 2 years and I remember the game I like your game but it have no update but I still like it.😁😁😁😁😁

Amazing game! The new levels keep the game interesting enough to make you want to sit all day and play! The interface is very easy to use and one can really have a lot of fun playing. I also love the fact that you can upgrade your own men so as to be stronger against enemies. Definitely worth downloading and playing, it makes a good entertainment when bored and need to pass time! Great game!

ok game Updated: Would be nice if a tad bit more coins were given out per successful round, instead of having to watch an AD, but I understand advertisements help to keep the game somewhat free. And it's extremely frustrating on infinity mode that enemy troops basically start the game fully loaded while your options to defend are seriously limited. Slow build on both sides, then increase difficulty the longer you survive, it shouldn't be so lopsided to begin with

This game is absolute garbage. The epitome of bad mobile games. It's simply trying to ride the backs of the people who made Stickman Trenches, a very good rts game on steam, made by famous youtuber BaronVonGames & a few others. This is simply a half-assed attempt at riding upon someone else's success. Please, do not fall for their stupid schemes.

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Join this war strategy action game, conquer epic bosses with strategy & tactics. Action packed World War based legacy stickman military game.

- Gameplay improvements

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