Startup Empire – Idle Tycoon is a highly addictive mobile game that allows you to build and expand your own business empire. Start from scratch and work your way up by hiring employees, upgrading your offices, and investing in various industries. As your empire grows, you can unlock new cities and conquer the global market. With stunning graphics and a simple gameplay, this idle tycoon game provides hours of entertainment. Challenge yourself to become the ultimate tycoon and dominate the startup world!

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Bad experience. Game put up a debugger screen every time it first starts. Have to restart it and once it loads, it freezes every other move. I uninstalled it. No thanks. Please delete my data from your system. Edit: Thanks for reply but not sure if you saw me say the game freezes up constantly. There is no game play for me so your reply isn't comforting. I wish you the best. It just didn't work for me.

Honestly, I love the concept. I upgraded the security tasks but the designers freeze up and won't continue to do anymore tasks. And if I close out the app and restart it. All of the tasks that built up end up resetting and I start over from scratch with the tasks. I'll keep the game downloaded because this was one of the more interesting concepts I've seen so once the devs implement more stuff I'd enjoy it more

This game has a lot of potential, but it's not there yet. There are lots of bugs that prevent an enjoyable experience: the contracts "renew" but show they've been done already, the storage area randomly deletes the boxes that are already in there at times, and several others. The build times for rooms and programs aren't shown so you have no idea how long something will take until you commit to building it, and some of them are ridiculously long. I'd consider downloading it again, if it's fixed.

UPDATE: the game is saying the Management room is $1 but won't unlock it. Still can't progress. Is a good game for passing a few minutes. I bought the servers and was able to upgrade the offices,break rooms and storage. I can't access the projects anymore or progress without purchasing a manager (doesn't show which one is available) to unlock the next room. It only wants me to buy coins and the cheapest is $5. Please add more F2P options and more progression.

I loved the app before the update but after the update with the tutorial, it bugs out and the scene is grayed out cause it believes i didnt select the new project folder. With this fixed, would play again. Heard about the update and was excited, figuring issues would be fixed. Nope, literally cant collect away profits. Yet again, still unplayable.

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Startup Empire Idle - manage your business and become the most famous CEO - Various bugfixes
- Performance improvements
- Visual improvements

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