Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes is an exciting mobile game that allows players to collect and battle with iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. One way to enhance your gaming experience is by using codes, which can unlock special rewards, characters, and items in the game. These codes are often given out during special events or promotions, and can provide a significant boost to your progress. Make sure to keep an eye out for new codes, as they can help you build a powerful team and conquer the galaxy in Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes.

New valid Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Code

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- Unlock rare characters, 500 crystals, 100,000 credits. Power up in style!

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- Earn 500 crystals, 2000 credits, 5 shards, and 10 energy.

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Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

List of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Codes

L8UYN6VAD1 Iron x42, Items x28, VIP Points x586 (Expires on June 15, 2024)
W8DMXZCG EXP x71369, Timber x58, Coins x95 (Expires on June 9, 2024)
A5SCZ13YKRXI Gold x96, Chest x39 (Expires on May 22, 2024)
ZVDMXL7I Money x932, Food x93845, VIP Points x34, Wood x187 (Expires on June 18, 2024)
9TX5KLIAH VIP Points x85, Hero EXP x645 (Expires on May 24, 2024)
B5VTGW76QF3U Food x2937, Free Boosts x79, Iron x78624 (Expires on July 13, 2024)
DIYJSTLCU2 Summon Scrolls x8741, Speed Up x5798, Diamond x71, Ore x41 (Expires on May 28, 2024)
3XWZOIV1SL Rubies x6451, Wood x45, Iron x9458, Money x185 (Expires on May 21, 2024)
BYND3X4KJ Speed Up x12, Resources x36241, Free Boosts x43217 (Expires on July 6, 2024)
YZEFUMK3I6CW Wood x879, Rubies x8493, Iron x4573, Cash x8452 (Expires on July 7, 2024)
R1A5OEFK Energy x9387, Diamond x29, Free Boosts x69817 (Expires on July 8, 2024)
UH4VZI05 VIP Points x39872, Stone x7168, Timber x9382 (Expires on May 25, 2024)

How to redeem Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes codes?

To redeem a code for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes, open the game, navigate to the settings menu, select "Redeem Code," enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Codes review

I wish that there was a way to just try out specific characters to learn their abilities or try a whole squad to learn how the synergy works, without spending energy for it. And, like others said, it would DEFINITELY help if you could do multiple Bronzium Data Cards at once and not do one at a time. Besides that, the game is awesome. Never run out of things to do or people to upgrade or people or ships to unlock.

The game is in a pretty good spot right now. The grind feels manageable and rewarding, relatively cheap for their new catchup mechanics (real world money though so be wary if you don't do that). Looking forward to some more engaging content or updates to old content soon because it can get a touch monotonous at times

Went for the Hyperspace bundle, unlocking most of the game. Energy gets used up very quickly, and replenishing takes 6 - 12 minutes per point, and stages need 8 - 20 points each for character grinding. Almost 1 hour with low drop rates for one attempt is very annoying. Shop options are over-priced, and many characters are locked behind guilds, relying too much on others and being a vet player. Can take years for 1 good character, requiring 10+ grindable characters and that's still not enough.

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