Introducing the latest addition to the Sport car 3 series: the versatile Taxi & Police edition. Featuring a powerful engine and aerodynamic design, this sleek vehicle is optimized for speed, maneuverability, and safety. With its customizable features, it’s ideal for both taxi services and law enforcement use. Whether you’re racing through city streets or patrolling the highways, the Sport car 3: Taxi & Police edition delivers top-notch performance and reliability. Upgrade your fleet with this high-performance vehicle, engineered to meet the demands of fast-paced urban environments.

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Sport car 3 : Taxi & Police – Review

This game is one of the best driving games I've played! Great graphics, damage model, you can control the lights, AMAZING customization, good engine sounds, a bunch of cars, and much more! Only three things that I would do: 1. Allow players to sell cars. 2. Being able to get out of the car would be super cool, maybe add that. 3. Bring back some cars from the first two games (if I had to choose one, it would be the Saipa 151 or Dodge Challenger).

Such a great game but its just small stuff that developers don't give much time. The driving physics are really good but the steering turning radius is very low and there should be an option for slider pedals i think things like these are the most imp part of a car simulation game and would be thankful for the devs to include them in future updates.

Honestly a really cool came you do need to optimize the languages sothat the English is correct and that everything is not in russian, but other than that the game has amazing potential, and maybe try to add better car choices in the future

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