Are you looking for a fun way to make decisions or select winners in a fair and random manner? Spin The Wheel is the perfect tool for you! Whether it’s choosing a restaurant to dine in, picking a giveaway winner, or selecting a game to play, this random picker brings an element of excitement to any situation. Simply input your options, spin the wheel, and let fate decide. It’s great for adding an element of unpredictability to your decision-making process. Try it out and let the wheel make the tough choices for you!

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Spin The Wheel – Random Picker

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Spin The Wheel – Random Picker Reviews

I like this app alot, it's very easy to use, it's cool that you can add pictures to slices for the wheel and get other people's wheels that they made but I wish there was one feature in the app and that's folders for the wheels so it can be more manageable and easier to find the wheels that you are looking for that you have and to name, color the folders as well, that would be very nice to have that type of feature in the app other than that this app rocks!

Very useful app to randomly find a person to be the lead in a game. It has fun themed and it is easy to add and delete names. There are no ads, which really makes the app enjoyable. My only (maybe?) complaint is that is seems to be biased against people at the start of the alphabet. Consistently, people with A names (Andrew, Angelina, etc.) remain last. I'm not sure if this is because of how I use the app but it has become consistent enough that it is an issue at times. Great app, love it!

I love it!!! It's the perfect app for randomizing what to do! I love the daily coins and if you want more you can watch a very short ad! you can buy wheels at the wheel store from the coins that you get from tapping on the star! I love how It updates frequently so that you could have more experience. Oh! I just love your app! you can customize your own wheels and they turn out amazing! But, (sorry if this sounds critical) I think the customization of the wheel could use work... I don't like tabs.

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