Space Commander is a spectacular space simulator with RPG and action elements. Choose who you will become: a brave ranger, a law-abiding merchant, an employee of a transport company, or a desperate smuggler? Each of the characters has their own strengths and unique skills. Embark on a journey through the boundless space, lay the right course, collect the necessary resources and monitor the state of the spaceship. Take part in battles with enemies using advanced technologies, modern weapons and defenses. Develop a battle strategy to confidently defeat your opponents. Create your own space stations and explore the far reaches of space.

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fS2naHhcoi December 7, 2022 859
chOlTILP7dz December 6, 2022 736
ADnF3qyVE1N November 22, 2022 324

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Fun game, nice ships, nice design except a few fatal flaws. Your ship is CONSTANTLY moving full speed forward, making it annoying to twist and turn to get enemies behind you. Money rolls in extremely slowly. Your AI ship companions are basically worthless and will get your ships destroyed. Less than an hour into the game, you're fighting a capital ship, which wouldn't be bad if it's guns didn't shoot through shields and nearly kill you in one shot. Not how shields work, by the way in ANY game.

The game is very fun and captivating, but extremely repetitive. I love the openness, ships design style, and basic features, but it needs a few things. There is a small lack of weapon variety. There are mainly aimed weapons, turrets, and guided missiles. I recommend adding some things that diversify combat, such as mines, drones, emp type weapons or other that would make combat more strategic and interesting. The constant bandit raids on cargo lanes are also very annoying. Campaign is too short

I wish there was more to do. Please add more stuff, I'll play it, add more ships I'll buy them. To people browsing games, this game looks great, plays great, just don't forget to calibrate your accelerometer. It's basically a space version of Warplanes WW2 Dogfight but with the whole milky way galaxy as your playground plus a trading and quest system of multiple quest givers of varying difficulties and rewards. The Mk 2 Brutus is my favorite ship and the Black Swan is my second, B3 my 3rd fav.

Great game, I just think it needs a little more variety regarding most things; missions, dialogue, purchasable ships, etc. But I love the open game after the main campaign. I'm now on a conquest; I'm buying every buyable station in every solar system, making infinite money trade routes in each, and taking over the galaxy. I'm making so much money that money actually is no object. It's so unreal lol.

RE: there's some things that should be featured ingame 1. Large ships should actually open fire on eachothers hull, dealing damage. 2. Add a cutscene feature to campaign builder (allows for different camera angles and focusing, and overall would be epic) 3: Make it so the enemy spawns closer, and Add warp effect for ship load-in, and maybe more real-time stuff that doesn't need loading? 4. Allow for ship edits (not minor ships) and spacestation and surface base turrets and damaging

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Version 1.5 Changelog:
– Bug fixes.

Name Space Commander: War and Trade
Version 1.5.3
Price FREE
Rating 3.8 (16211 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 19, 2022
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