Southwest Airlines is a major American airline known for its low-cost yet high-quality service. Founded in 1967, it has grown to become the world’s largest low-cost carrier. With a fleet of over 700 aircraft, Southwest operates more than 4,000 flights per day to 104 destinations in the United States and ten additional countries. The airline is renowned for its friendly staff, on-time performance, and no hidden fees policy. Southwest’s distinctive approach to customer service and its commitment to efficiency have made it a popular choice for domestic and international travelers alike.

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Southwest Airlines

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3Q1STKMLO7JMarch 12, 2024
RQOZ7PJS14April 9, 2024
WLM47TBJMarch 4, 2024
MPQOUY49XSMarch 2, 2024
32KLEFQD0March 1, 2024

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Southwest Airlines Reviews

This has got to be the worst airline app. It constantly signs me out and doesn't remember me, despite checking that box every time I sign in. Every time you scroll to the information area at the bottom of the screen it shoots you back up; making it incredibly difficult to check bags beforehand. The overall app layout is horrible and confusing. It hardly ever adds the second boarding pass to Google wallet when I have a layover. Developers, please, go look at the Delta app because theirs is great.

I book tons of flights on Southwest, and I love the ease of the app from the time you book to the time you use it as a boarding pass. However, every time I close the app, it logs me out fully, and I have to re-type my info, credit card etc. I wish there were a "keep me logged in" function.

The single worst thing about this app is that the entire thing resets to the home screen the moment you navigate away from it. It makes doing anything in the app frustrating and tedious, but it's particularly bad for booking flights. Have your itinerary selected but want to check your calendar or a message to confirm it's right before you hit purchase? Sucks for you, because now you have to start the entire booking process over! Southwest, please fix this issue.

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