SNKRDUNK is your one-stop destination for buying and selling authentic sneakers. With a wide selection of the latest releases and exclusive collaborations, you can find the perfect pair that matches your style. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all sneakers sold on our platform are 100% authentic, so you can shop with confidence. Whether you’re a sneakerhead looking to add to your collection or a casual buyer in search of a special pair, SNKRDUNK has got you covered. Start browsing today and step up your sneaker game!

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Be careful. I accidentally click just to check the price and unfortunately proceed to purchase. I prompted their emails and chat box right away but they insisted with the transaction. The bad part was they have all the time to cancel since it took them more days just to verify the item wherein they have all the time to make adjustments. This co. is all about sales and profit and dont care about their customers. Do not patronize.

Legit items and you can really find rare shoes here. Problem is conversion rate and other fees. Was surprised that I was charged more in my credit card based on their retail price plus I had to pay extra in FEDEX. Overall price came out almost the same if I bought the item in a physical shop. App is good if you are looking for rare shoes but not regular shoes.

Great app. It's so good having an app where I can both sell or buy trading cards. Usually I have to go to Ebay, etc but as we all know those marketplaces are cluttered and filled with so much it becomes overwhelming when purchasing any type of card. And with selling, here it's more direct and a community that understands more and knows what they want more times than those on other marketplaces. 🙌🏼 SNKRDUNK is well worth the download!👍🏻 P.S to any fellow Aussie or Kiwi cousin -- please join!

Very lousy platform for reselling sneakers. Almost everything you send will be rejected, and the reason they will give is "mold". Every single time without fail. Sellers beware and think twice before selling your shoes through this platform. They are simply using this as an excuse to cheat you on the return shipping fee.

It lacks customer service care and is not flexible, it's like a bait where you can no longer cancel the transaction if you accidentally pressed the purchase button.

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