Sniper Games 3D is an exciting gun game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With stunning 3D graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel like a real sniper taking out targets from long distances. Test your skills and precision as you complete challenging missions and unlock new guns and equipment. Whether you’re taking down enemy soldiers or eliminating dangerous criminals, Sniper Games 3D provides hours of thrilling sniper action. So grab your rifle and get ready to become the ultimate sniper in this addictive game.

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Don't bother downloading this rubbish. It's just an excuse for the developers to get your cash from expensive upgrades, and lots of adverts. There are plenty of better games than this, with a lot less ads, and a lot less fake reviews. Uninstalled within 10 minutes, after watching 5x 30-second Temu ads. Managed to get the game to allow me to take a single shot in that time.

Poorly made game. There is no Main Menu option after completing a mission. In scope sensitivity is low. Sniping distance soo short. Graphic is no where near to as shown in pictures. Just a cheap copy of other sniper games. I just played 5 levels and I think i can complete all levels in one go. I'm a hardcore sniper, I was just expecting something new but.....

Need a lot more Stable Mode.

Love this game. But I'm having a difficult time clearing stage 33. Can you advise me on what I need to do.

Terrible, choppy game play ,,poor graphics wouldn't recommen.

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Sniper Games! Start battle in gun games with action-packed fps shooting games Get the new update of Sniper Shooting Game

New Boss levels Added
Game-play Improved
Snow & Rain System Added
Cut Scenes Added
Multiple Camera Angles Added
Live Main Menu Added

Enjoy the new sniper shooting games for free. Send your feedback for further improvements.

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